Here is a list of things targeted for kids but are in reality the worst things for kids to have from personal experience and I’m sure many other parents will agree. 

Regret decision
Me after giving my kids the following things!

1. Silly putty- Yeah it’s all fun and games until you have bright red silly putty stuck in your white carpet. Who in their right mind would have white carpet?

2.  Cheetos- WORLD’S MESSIEST SNACK EVER. Each bag should come with a pack of wipes. I often earn my tiger stripes before noon. 

Cheetos hands
These hands look familiar?

3. Chalk- Every time the kids play with chalk they themselves look like a piece of chalk. They are covered from head to toe in colorful dust. In addition, everyone walks on the concrete to get into the house so we have colorful foots step decorating my entryway.

4. Easy Bake Oven- Yeah it’s all Betty Crocker and Paula Deen ya’ll until clean up time. Not to mention the taste of that stuff. Blah. We are better off baking something good in the regular oven.

5. Sand Art- Sand everywhere and to think you pay money to put sand in a fun shaped container. Why not just go get sand from the yard and put it in a soda bottle. 

6. Sugar- In any form. Nuff said! 😅

Sugar crazy
Sugar high in 3..2..1!

7. Playdough- It becomes crumbs and mixed together and no longer “acceptable” to play with according to my tantrum throwing two year old. 

8. Ritz Crackers- From the mouth of my husband “I hate them. They piss me off”. Apparently they crumble too easily and make a huge mess! 

9. M&M’s-Melt in your mouth not in your hand huh? What about the damn colored candy shell? One handful of M&m’s and you can guarantee that you will have a rainbowed child and house. 

Messy M&m's hands
Every time!

10. Play Pen Balls- These fun, enjoyable creations are awesome when they are not at your own house! Did you know they come in 100 count? And my husband thought it would be the coolest idea to buy two? I can’t go a single hour without seeing a ball or two. I have given up picking them up every day!

*BONUS* And most lethal.

11. Legos- They are the iconic “building blocks” of so many people’s childhoods all over the world. They are also known as the devil’s stepping stones! Literally have you ever stepped on one of the glorious “babysitters”?

Stepping on legos
Ouch. Oooo. Eee. Devil’s stepping stones!

Well there it is. I know there are probably dozens of more items so feel free to list them in the comments. 

Until next Time, Cheers Bitches