It is 12:38 pm on a Thursday and I realised that I haven’t written anything all week. Honestly, I write on the schedule of my favorite linky #momsterslink. I try to have a new post by Thursday at noon so I can link up with the lovely Trista. Well this week has caught me off guard because it is Hunting season! 

This year due to having two little ones and no one to watch them hubby went out hunting on his own. Not only do I feel a bit worried for him to be out there by himself, I feel really butt hurt that I didn’t get to go!*sobbing* 

Crying mama. Alone
So alone but I kinda like it.

I didn’t draw a tag this year so I would just be along for the ride but it’s a ride I would love to be taking right now! While the hubby is away the wife definitely doesn’t get to play. These little nuggets have me with my hands fuller then normal. I’m sure they can sense my fear and anxiety, pushing my buttons even more, testing the alcohol content in my nightly drink. While I am use to having them to myself most days, it’s the evenings that are kicking my butt. There is never enough time or alcohol.  

Can't get enough wine
Wine happy.

 This hunting season couldn’t have come at a less convenient time. Both babies are getting over the stomach bug, we are at the butt end of it, quite literally!!!! The 4am shit fest has become part of our  morning routine. The amount of laundry I have washed and baths I have given out numbers the amount of drinks I have had time to consume. *which doesn’t really say much, but sounded good*. If I were smart I would have just washed their clothes in the bath with them.

Too much laundry.
This was me the entire time.

There are a few pros that come from Hunting Season:

  • Whole bed to myself. *sort of, I’m currently sharing the bed with the load of laundry I didn’t have the energy to fold*
  • All the blankets to myself.
  • No competition over the remote.
  • I get my share and his of dessert.;)
  • A little bit of time alone. Distance makes the geart grow fonder.
  • Fresh air, not smelling his farts.
  • I can make Spaghetti! Hubby’s least favorite food and one of my favorite.

    I did receive an awesome text message a few hours ago with a picture of hubby’s Elk. So he should be home this evening, and it’s back to being a wifey. Wish me luck.

    Until next time, Cheers Bitches 


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