I want to introduce to you two of my favorite people. I spend my entire week with these ladies and sometimes even the weekends. These two are the types of friends you want in your corner when shit gets real. They are not fake and they don’t sugar coat anything. They will always have your back, even if you are wrong. They are they type to laugh at you first and then ask of you are ok.

Snow plowing babe
Cheri all ready to plow some snow. Lol
Funny. What the hell.
Jenny. I have nothing to say to this one.

Meet Cheri and Jenny. Cheri happens to be my neighbor so we have  to be friends, you know ‘Love thy neighbor’ and all. She also happens to own and run the daycare and preschool that Gracie, Will and I go to daily. While Gracie and Will get to hang out with other little nuggets  I get a little adult interaction. (Not much adulting going on honestly). Little Miss Jenny and I have been friends for years. She one of those people you can’t get rid of, we all know a person of this kind. Jenny is Cheri’s  little helper, and by little I mean she is 5’1″. Not that Cheri is much, or should I say at all, taller at a whopping 5′.

Talking about poop, real best friends
True story

These two are here for me when I need to rant about my lovely children and how behaved they are *cough cough*. They are here to listen to my every symptom and tell me I don’t have the flu or hepatitis. They are also here to share stories and make me feel normal. We have talked about everything. There is not a single subject we haven’t discussed, seriously. Everywhere from bowel movements to diets. We know things about each other that would make it difficult to be on bad terms. 

Friends forever
We can never NOT be friends!

These two have thought me so much.Like don’t go on any sort of three day cleanse. You will cause much unnecessary gasses. I have learned not to take a full dose of Nyquil night time. You can wake up in a different place then where you first laid down at. I have learned to always make sure there is a cup under the Kuirag when brewing a cup of coffee. That is always helpful. I have learned to never ever cuddle a child that doesn’t feel good. It will turn you off Mac n cheese for life. I have learned never drink and try to walk up my drive way. There is a stronger gravitational pull apparently. I have also learned that that wearing socks with sandal is not an acceptable form of fashion. It’s not my fault my feet are cold in the morning and warm in the evening. I can only hope that I have shared some of my unique knowledge with them over the years.

Best friends sisters for life
Jenny and I at our annual Ice Fishing Derby!
Mom riding scooter
Cheri cruising around the house. Never a dull moment.

We are the three musketeers, Charlie’s Angels, three peas in a (overcrowded) pod. *Funny fact: Cheri’s husband’s name is Charlie*. You know all this jokes about the blond, brunette and red head, those are jokes about us. These two are my true friends and I would be lost without them. Cheri has a heart of gold. She would do anything for anyone. Jenny is a little firecracker, the sweetest firecracker ever! She would give you the shirt off her back any day! I am so grateful for them and their great personalities. They get me through every day. I love them bitches like sisters.

Until next time, Cheers Bitches 


Two Tiny Hands