This last Friday I had surgery on my wrist. I had what the doctor thought was a ganglion cyst that was pushing against a nerve causing pain. Well I go in to have it removed and ends up being a growth on my tendon. Everything went well and I am recovering fast, but I have to say it is pretty painful and more difficult to get along like normal.

This so happened to be the weekend hubby worked so I was on my own with three kids.*Bad planning on my part* I will say it was interesting to say the least. The amount of tasks that I perform using both hands or even my dominate hand is unbelievable. Yeah, I had surgery on my dominant hand and I realised that I take for granted the tasks that I do perform daily with the usage of both hands. 

My 8 year old was quite a bit of help and I give her props for that, maybe a special treat is in store for her too. There were some things I just wouldn’t want her to have to do. Like changing the babies’ poopy diapers.*imagining poop everywhere but on the wipe* This was the hardest thing to do one handed and with my retarded uncoordinated left hand. I was almost better off having the 8 year old doing it. The babies were patient, sort of, and there wasn’t a single shit fest.

Another task that I found difficult was dishes. We do own a dishwasher so all I had to do was scrub them and put them in  the dishwasher. *I say “all I had to do” like it was easy or something* Scrubbing dishes one handed with your nondominant hand should be an Olympic sport. Easier said then done obviously but I managed. I used my legs as much as I used my hand.(to open twist top cups and Tupperware of course) 

During the first two days I wasn’t supposed to shower because of the bandages. So you can imagine how gross and stinky I was. Is it just me or when someone tells you can’t or shouldn’t  do something you want to even more? I have gone days out camping and hunting without even caring for a shower but two days of sitting at home and a shower felt like a luxury. 

Every task felt like a challenge trying to make my left hand do what I wanted it too. Brushing my teeth was quite funny I had toothpaste everywhere, except in my mouth. 

 Try wiping with the opposite hand. Just try it. It’ll be funny, for everyone but you. Stirring anything ended up with half of the food on the counter and floor. * I am sure my dogs gained a few pounds*  Being one handed and being forced to use my left hand makes me wonder if this is how a T Rex would feel. Short arms, so few tasks they can accomplish.

I did all of this without a drop of alcohol. Yeah, crazy I know! I guess the pain pills and alcohol don’t mix well! Imagine that!

Well until next time, Cheers Bitches!