I have been a little M.I.A.for the past week due to going on vacation. I know what you all are thinking… lucky biotch. I did have a great time don’t get me wrong, but there were some unfortunate events that made it less then perfect. 

Beach in Lake Tahoe
BEAUTIFUL Beach in Lake Tahoe

My family, including my in laws, went to the beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California. Lake Tahoe is not only the place of where hubby and I got engaged, but also the place of our wedding. We try to take a trip every year. This trip we stayed at the amazing Tahoe Ridge Resort.

TAHOE Ridge Resort on a mountain
At the top of the mountain is the Tahoe Ridge Resort where we stayed.

 Our suite was supposed to be a two bedroom and to our surprise it was only one. Yeah, one room with 4 adults and two kids. So hubby and I took turns with his parents trying to get a decent nights sleep on the one actual bed. The other “bed” consisted of a 3 inch mattress that came unfolded out of the couch, definitely the most uncomfortable sleeping arrangement. That was unfortunate event one. 

Resort pictures
A few pictures of the Resort
Hubby taking a selfie.
I was sitting on the couch that was our second “bed”. Hubby taking a selfie!:)

Sunday while there, we went out on a Rum Runner Cruise. On this miniature yacht they serve these drinks called Rum Runner, which are made from slushy, which contained rum on the bottom and topped with two more shots of rum. Yeah, we were all feeling like pirates by the end of this cruise. We were on a boat! We were the life of the party. I am pretty sure we were the only group that drank more then one Rum Runner drink, and there is a reason. Apparently there can only be one Captain of this boat and after a few drinks we were all captains. 

Just a few of the many pictures taken on the Rum Runner (booze) Cruise.

The cruise took us on a little tour of some of the other bays and showed us what they called the “castle”. It is a home in the middle of huge evergreen trees, built by hand by an architect, now abandoned and used more as a museum. The only way to this Castle is either by boat or a hike in. Absolutely stunning. 

Hidden castle in Lake Tahoe
This is the Castle. BEAUTIFULLY BUILT.

In Tahoe, they are experiencing the worst bee season they have ever seen. Everywhere we went there were swarms of bees. We were having to swat them away from the babies all day long. Worst part about the bees was that a majority of the places to eat were seated outside and the second you got your food the bees got worse. They were attracted to our food like flies are attracted to shit. 

Any and every body of water was also swarmed with these suckers. We tried taking the babies to the pool and that didn’t last too long due to the amount of bees and the fact that I forgot to pack swim diapers. So on top of trying not to get stung I was trying to make sure their diapers didn’t break open and leak that God awful gel. That sums up unfortunate event number two.

Babies ready to swim
The babies all geared up to swim.

Monday while there, we had scheduled to go parasailing. Something I never imagined my hubby would be willing to participate in. Come Monday morning, we check in and are waiting for the boat to come get us, nervous as hell of course. The captain of the boat pulls up to the dock and informs us that the wind has picked up and it is too dangerous to parasail for the rest of the day. He tells us to reschedule for in the morning the next day, so we do. We later got a phone call telling us they won’t be operating the parasailing for at least couple more days. We were scheduled to leave prior to when the wind would be in better conditions so we had to cancel all together.  My hubby was way more disappointed then I thought he would be to not be able to go. It was a huge deal for him. There you have unfortunate event number three.

Hubby waiting, baby monkey.
Hubby patiently waiting to go parasailing. Gracie playing monkey and baby William at ease as usual.

Have I mentioned the food??  The variety of food we have in Winnemucca is outnumbered by the numer of Subway sandwich shops we have, true story. So you can imagine my excitement when I have the opportunity to eat pretty much anything I can want. I was beyond stuffed after every meal because the food was absolutely amazing. From authentic Mexican food to Sushi. This in addition to the 400 calorie Rum Runner drinks I was consuming, had me 4 pounds heavier when I got home. As you all know from one of my previous posts, I am overweight to begin with. So what is 4 more pounds you say? That’s 2 more weeks and about 14000 calories I have to try to burn. Totally worth it!! 

Famous drink in Lake Tahoe the wet woody. Yum.
This is another famous rum drink called the Wet Woody.

While in Tahoe, we tried to get Gracie to catch her very first fish. They have a fish farm that you can try to catch fish. If you catch something you pay per inch. You can have them clean them and they even have a list of restaurants that you can take your fish and they will cook it for you. Anyways we were fishing for about 45 minutes before hubby caught a fish. He let Gracie reel it in and that’s when all hell broke loose. Gracie Freaked out! Screaming bloody murder, terrified of the fish. Everyone was looking at us like we seen a ghost or something. Needless to say I think Gracie caught her first and last fish that day.

Fishing. Fish farm Lake Tahoe family day
Baby William loved the fish, Gracie was terrified and Hubby was so excited that “Gracie” caught a fish.

Our vacation was amazing and definitely memorable. There is no doubt in my mind we will be continuing to make our annual Tahoe trip in the future. With that said I am glad to be back home, in our own bed, without anywhere to go!:)

**Update** Because this post seemed to take forever and a day to write in between unpacking and getting back to a normal routine,I forgot to mention the most incredible part! THE SPA!Amazing hubby went off and surprised me with a hot stone massage (because he is awesome and caring!) I have only experienced a spa one other time and that time was amusing to say the least, right Celia and Shelby? This massage was the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced. My masseuse was so kind and interesting. We talked the entire time, which I guess isn’t normal, regardless I enjoyed it. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted her to adopt me. Well it had to come to an end and the hot tub later that evening was unbelievably mind blowing. My body melted into it like a witch in the sunlight. 

Hubby in hot tub.
Excuse the nakedness of hubby. Was a good time.

Until next time, Cheers Bitches!