Having three kids, two being under three, makes it very expensive and complicated to find a babysitter to get a little needed alone time with hubby. I can recall right after baby William was born we actually had three different babysitters because they can be, or should I say, are a handful.

 After finding babysitter/s I am usually too tired to consider participating in any activity that does not include pajamas, and my bed.

Well, recently hubby and I had the luxury of finding a babysitter *yeah to our surprise just one!*  Our original plan was to relax at home, have a few drinks and get some much needed uninterrupted sleep. After a few drinks, hubby gets the crazy idea that we should try to hit the town for a little bar hopping. Feeling like rebel I agree. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time we went out, before Gracie was born at least. 

We both get in some nice, non snotted or spit up on clothes, and hit the town. On the drive into town we are feeling quite young and wild. We even tried to contact some of our other coupled friends *who are all also parents*. No one was available.*imagine that* I guess with little heads up it’s uncommon for everyone to find babysitters spur the moment. 

We look at the time and it is only 8:30. If we could recall correctly the bars don’t start hopping until at least 10. What were we going to do until then?  Hubby gets ahold of a buddy of his that can’t go out but still wanted to have a few drinks. We head over to his house and enjoyed their company until 10:30. We leave with the intentions of still going out but when we both get in the truck we look at each other and there is an unspoken understanding that we won’t be making it out on the town. Laughter just fills the cab and we head home. 

I was a little disappointed the next day that we hadn’t actually gone out. Being a parent makes me feel old. Makes me appreciate alone time and early bedtime. I have to say though, having the babysitter for the night and uninterrupted sleep was amazing. 
Until next time, Cheers Bitches!

Two Tiny Hands