This is my prayer to thee

to take all my pain from me.

My back, my neck, my legs,my feet

and even where I park my seat *aka ass*

True story. Who’s with me?

Please don’t replace the one grey hair,

With 12 more it’s just not fair.

That glazed donut that I ate,

If you could keep it off my thighs that’d be great!

She learned this trick from me, this is what you do when you don’t want to share.

Oh those little humans of mine,

I think they will be just fine.

But just in case,

Let me keep up to their pace.

Let them live through today,

and the next 18 years what do ya say.

Help me keep a good mood,

While they run around the house nude.

Why yes my hubby too!

Let him survive all this by the power of you.

He puts up with me,

and as you can see

It is a hard chore,

And sometimes a bore.

But I love him so,

Especially when he decides to mow.

Almost looks like my hubby too!:)

Help my mind be quick,

and waist not so thick.

Help me figure Out What to cook For dinner,

and among the tots make it a winner.

After dinner I want to do the deed,

Make it so the kids have all they need.

Better not be any questions! 😉

Mommy and daddy need it so,

But let’s keep that on the down low. 

Oh yeah and thanks for our health,

And our strength to work for our wealth.

Thanks for our family and friends,

and the way our life never dead ends.

May the number on the scale be wrong.

May my early morning coffee be strong.

May it not be poop I smell when I take a wiff.

May my afternoon alcohol be stiff.
Until next time, Cheers bitches!

Rhyming with Wine

Two Tiny Hands