We have all been there, embarrassed by what your cute, little, big mouth decides to share in public. Some of the things my kids have blurted out can make a nun blush. Kids are so very honest and I absolutely adore that. I guess all you can do is laugh. 

The infamous truth telling and true questions?

Why are your teeth messed up?

Billy Bob we met at Wal-Mart

Are you a girl or a boy?

Why is your belly so big?

What’s that on your face? *huge mole*

Mommy why is that lady wearing that?  *pointing out bigger lady in shorts unbuttoned and belly shirt*

Not actual picture but close enough.

See mommy you can wear you pajamas to Wal-Mart. *loudly pointing out lady in pjs*

Mommy you buy a lot of beer.

Someone has to drink it all

My dog died. Well actually my grandpa shot him.   *8yr old in the check out line.* The horrified look on the checkers face was priceless

Your legs are pokey.  *while rubbing hand down my 2 weeks unshaved legs* 

Mommy you have big boobies. 

Mommy what is that? *pointing at my hoo-ha* I seriously wanted to reply that it was a cat (lack of time to shave) but then thought what if she wanted to pet it. 

Here kitty kitty

Bodily functions:

Mom, mommy, ma!*as loud as they can say it* I need to poop. Or I just farted.

Wait for the flush.

Mom it stinks in here. *in the restroom*

*Still in the restroom laughing* haha mommy did you just hear that?? mom someone just farted!

Even as an adult I have to admit sometimes I laugh too

Are you pooping? *yup still in restroom*

My dog always poops in the house. And my mommy gets mad at him. *telling bank teller and so kindly drew a picture of it at school for a journal entry*

This is exactly what would happen…and you wonder why I get mad

My mom just had a baby. She pushed it right out her butt. *lady behind us in checkout line*
Yes, all of these things have been said. No, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. My children are very observant and honest, and in turn I have a great sense of humor. 

Feel free to share some of your experiences of what your child has said. 

Until next time, Cheers Bitches.


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