Today marks a whole year of not being pregnant! It is a milestone for us because we had our two youngest back to back. They are only 14 months apart. 
To not be pregnant for an entire year has been amazing. I have been able to enjoy and rediscover my body. *shudders* Even discover things I didn’t want to. I have been able to do unlimited amounts of exercise *haha* and activities. I have been able to responsibly drink unspeakable amounts of alcohol and coffee (only once at the same time) .

 Maybe some of you have caught on by now. Yes! it is little Mister’s birthday! Today is our last, first birthday celebration! Bitter sweet. I love our little bit of freedom by not being pregnant but I am sad that baby William is no longer a baby. Where has the year gone?

Ready for a baby!!!

Before we know it we will be sending him off for college. But until then I  plan to kiss and squeeze on him. Sweet, sweet William Happy 1st Birthday. 

Couple days old!