Recently, I have found myself feeling a little (not going to lie) actually quite a bit overweight. I decided that I should try to watch what I eat and try to lose some weight. There were a few signs and experiences leading up to this decision, let me share a few with you:

  • Well, there is the given, my clothes weren’t fitting anymore. I mean really weren’t fitting! It was so bad my wardrobe consisted of stretchy shorts and my hubby’s tee shirts. Not very attractive.
  • You know things are bad when your shoes don’t fit anymore, and no it wasn’t due to swelling. I didn’t even know that you could gain weight in your feet.
  • When your friends offer their leftovers to you. Like NO, even the fat girl doesn’t want your half eaten chimichanga. Thanks though.
  • When your 2 year old sees you naked and with a terrified look on her face says “mommy you have a big belly.” Not cute Gracie, but I admire her honesty.

  • When you find yourself short of breath and sweating after vacuuming. My house isn’t that big either. Is vacuuming considered an exercise?
  • When you have to lift a fat roll to look at your hoo-ha. Yeah that totally happened*shudders*. Nuff said.
  • When other kids,who are around you quite often, didn’t realize you had a baby. Ouch! Not only did they not think I was pregnant in the first place, they didn’t realize that I had given birth to that baby.

  • When you are choosing an outfit you find yourself trying to pick the one thing that doesn’t highlight your back rolls, or your front rolls.
  • When you are eating breakfast you are daydreaming about what you plan on eating for lunch, and counting down the hours until then.
  • When your back has gotten so fat you can’t tell where your back stops and butt starts. You have heard of sway back, but have you heard of a flat assback?

So with these signs surfacing I find myself trying to hop on the weight loss wagon. Keep an eye out for an update soon! Wish me luck!



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