Gracie’s choice of clothing for the day.

We have all been there, on the verge of pulling your hair out or even tears, with a naked child laying on the floor in their own world. Everything we pick out is not what they want to wear. They want to wear last year’s Halloween costume or the orange tutu from dance class with their favorite dress up shoes that are six sizes too big. We fear that letting our child wear what they want will make us look like a bad parent, and that comes directly from criticism and society’s expectation. Society expects children to always look clean and presentable, nothing out of the ordinary. 

Gracie insisted on these boots.

Haha yes she wore those almost all day.

I wonder where my children get their style, look no further. 😊

I completely agree with my child when they want to wear yellow shorts and a pink top and those hideous brown shoes they adore. I believe in letting them be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin and in this case clothes. If my daughter wants to wear boy clothes I will let her. I will even encourage it. I will always encourage my children to be who they want to be, and discover themselves, regardless of what anyone else says. I will let them go through the black lipstick and fingernails stage, the bright pink hair stage, the short and easy hair cut stage. Whatever stage they find themselves in the middle of,  I will be right next to them telling them they are rocking it. 

So shrug off the weird looks at Wal-Mart, (my kids and I are probably on the Wal-Mart people website) laugh and take tons of photos for first dates and high school year books.