Okay ladies and gents, this is a sincere question. As a mom of three, with two being two and under, I am always looking for shortcuts and time savers. So do you find it easier, faster, and more convenient to shower in the morning or the evening. 

I have ever mixed feelings about both options. I tend to shower more in the morning for multiple reasons:

  1. It helps wake me up in the morning and makes me feel refreshed.
  2. Helps me feel clean and ready for my day, I know that I at least accomplished that.
  3. I usually feel so exhausted by the time I go to bed I tend to not want to stay up after the kids are down to take a shower. So I get to go right to bed.

    So second option is to shower at night, which I tend to like also:

    1. It saves me a little time in the morning, I don’t have to blow dry my hair is just sleep on it wet.
    2. Showering before bed makes me feel like I’m not getting my bed all dirty and I’m not sleeping dirty.
    3. Helps me fall asleep. Like said before I am usually exhausted  before bed that by the time I am done showering, if I choose to shower at night, I am even more exhausted.