I know I am not the only mom/dad out there who struggles everyday to figure out what is for dinner. So many things to take in for consideration such as weather, previous dinners, time, and last but most important the ideas and suggestions made by the kids and hubby, because honestly they are the ones eating it.

Tonight we enjoyed homemade French dip sandwiches. We hadn’t had them in awhile and when I woke up this morning it looked a little gloomy out meaning for chillier weather, that theory didn’t last. Regardless they turned out great.

So the whole point of this post is to give a list of dinner ideas for anyone struggling to figure out what is for dinner.

  1. Tacos- my number one go to dinner. Everyone loves tacos.
  2. Spaghetti- one of the kids’ favorite and easy Peasy.
  3. Pizza- either homemade or takeout. Pizza is pizza!
  4. BBQ chicken-summer staple
  5. Pork chops- we like ours breaded and baked.
  6. Hamburgers- so many different options. Make it your own.
  7. Soup and sandwiches- we love tomato soup and grilled cheese.
  8. Steak and potatoes- go all out with a big salad and garlic bread too! Yummy.
  9. Homemade chicken pot pie- I make these in bulk it is that good.
  10. Chicken enchiladas- my mother-in-law loves my enchiladas!:)
  11. Chicken alfredo- my oldest daughters favorite.
  12. Shepherds pie- I use tomato sauce instead of gravy. Mix it up.
  13. Chicken fried rice- hubby loves Chinese food in any form.
  14. Burritos- we love to use shredded beef cooked in enchilada sauce.
  15. Chicken nuggets and Mac n cheese- easy, fast, and always a hit with the kids.
  16. Pork tenderloin- we serve ours with mashed potatoes and gravy.
  17. Hamburger helper- it is just that. A helper for hamburger. There are so many choices now.
  18. Chicken cordon blue- I cheat and buy mine pre-made from Alison’s Pantry.
  19. Big chef salad- chop up meats and hard boiled eggs, have different dressings for a change.
  20. Sloppy joes- yummmm
  21. Stuffed Cresent rolls- as easy as hotdogs or as amazing as BBQ chicken.
  22. Pulled pork sandwiches- on a hot toasted bun and French fries.
  23. Ribs- hubby is the BBQ master.
  24. Breakfast for dinner- kids get a kick out of it!
  25. Chili-homemade or out of a can. So many options chili cheese fritos, chili dogs, chili and corn bread.
  26. If you have time and are brave enough try out new recipe on Pinterest. Type in the search bar a key word and BAM! Ideas galore.

So there are 25 solid ideas for all you out there drawing a blank on what to make for dinner.If all else fails there is always cold cereal, left overs, top ramen,  and your local restaurant. 😁

What’s for dinner?