Summer is coming to an end and all over social media people are posting pictures from their last summer vacation. Can’t help but feel a little sad. 

My good friend and neighbor Cheri just got home from two weeks in Hawaii. Yeah lucky beach (and no that’s not the name of the place they went)  😉. Someday, not anytime soon, we will too go to Hawaii. But in the meantime, I am dying to have some adult interaction and hear about their vacation. 

The kids at her daycare and I made them a welcome home banner!  

Hate that summer is dwindling away. My yard is full of leaves already and it has been a little chilly in the mornings. I love fall, but it feels like we haven’t had enough summer fun in the sun. Still so much I want to do; go camping one last time, have a few more bbqs and bonfires, and enjoy some ice cream after playing in the pool. Fall is just coming too soon.

Before we know it, it will be Christmas! Seems like these days it goes from start of fall straight into Christmas season. I give it a few weeks until Wal-Mart has their Christmas merchandise out. It’s out earlier and earlier every year.  The months of September, October, and November are all a blur.

Speaking of Christmas, have you started buying gifts yet? By this time every year I usually have a pretty good head start. After the hubby and I went over last Christmas’ budget (eeekkk!!) we realized we over bought for the kids; so many toys they hardly have time to play with them allbt. This year we are going to try this gift idea we found on Pinterest. We are hoping this will not only save us money but also time spent picking up said unplayed with toys! We really want to start teaching our children about giving back and helping others. We will try to volunteer with the toys for tots or shop with a cop, on top of our regular toy donations. I also want to really include them in making homemade gifts for friends and family. Just simplify the whole holiday and get into more traditions. 

Until then I will be trying to enjoy the last bit of summer we have left and try not to get ahead of myself.