So here it goes. This is where I will be replaying the day in hopes to find my coffee and possibly my mind. 

I have three beautiful kids, and on a good day it honestly feels like ten. Lili who is 8, Gracie who is 2 and baby Will who is almost (2 weeks away) 1. I also have three little fur babies, Zee, Pepper, and the trouble maker Grizzly. Three pomeranian dogs, who I am sure are on crack. Oh yeah, and I do have a husband! Sometimes I forget, oops. My partner in crime, loving, hardworking husband Billy. Most nights we try to remember why we decided to have our kids close together and then just laugh (sometimes cry) because we thought it would be fun. Lol.

My typical day consists of poopy diapers, spilt everything, and coffee. I’m lucky to get a shower in the morning. Ha no such thing as getting dolled up. Eating for me usually doesn’t happen on a regular schedule either, probably why I have lost weight recently. So there is a plus!:) 

Most days I feel like I am doing everything wrong and fear my children will grow up to be either homeless or entitled little brats. I have to remind myself that there are other moms out there that feel the same. Moms who have not only lost their coffee, their mind, but even at the moment their child. Moms who try their hardest to be the perfect pinterest, pta parent. When in the end, we are all in the same boat of doubt.