​The chaos continues, with potty training Grace. Woo! I honestly don’t remember it being this hard with Lili. We went about getting the necessary supplies; little potty, paw patrol panties, a baby doll with a potty and jelly beans for reward. NOTHING IS WORKING. I know that it won’t happen overnight but we are making no progress. She askes for a diaper so I put her on her toilet, she doesn’t go. Two minutes later she is standing in the kitchen, spreads her legs announces she is going and pees all over the floor. This is usually how it goes. No progress, no desire, and now no sanity for me! I will gladly accept advice and maybe even some mommy drinks 🍷🍷.

Baby Will has finally started crawling. Yes, he is a little behind, but in his defense he hasn’t quite been immobile. He is a scooter, like a dog when they wipe their butt on the ground. It is quite funny. He is into everything that a one year old would find interesting; dog food and water, movies, and all of sister’s stuff. I spend most of my day following behind him cleaning up his messes. 

Now that he is crawling he just keeps doing this stink bug aka downward dog pose. He wants to walk and stand so bad. 

It’s Friday! Which means….umm…nothing for a mom. Right? No sleeping in, no staying up late, and still no santity. 

Hubby’s company picnic is tomorrow. That should be fun. Newmont usually goes all out for the kids, which is awesome! Bounce houses, shaved ice, games and water balloons. The food isn’t too bad either, if I get a chance to eat any of it.  

Going to spend the weekend working on potty training Gracie, helping Baby Will walk and cleaning up behind them. Might find time to squeeze in a recorded TV show and a drink with the hubby. 

Happy “any ol regular day” Friday!!! Have a safe and fun weekend.